Unlike expensive traditional systems, hosted PBX ties together high quality voice services and features at an affordable price. A Hosted PBX is a feature-rich, no-maintenance and a business VoIP phone solution that can be set up in a few minutes.
Hosted PBX

VOIPPAK Hosted PBX solution has the latest features and flexibility to meet the needs of small businesses that require a customized, scalable business VOIP phone system with minimal start-up costs and overall reduced phone bills. It delivers a productive set of business-grade calling features and integrates all your local, long distance and Internet access services over a single network connection.

Key Features

  • Carrier grade reliability with scalability
  • Single system for unified communications
  • Private Voice Networking
  • Call Control
  • Unified Messaging
  • Relocate and Grow and have your PBX Phone System easily grow with you
  • Centralized Management
  • Streamline Deployment and installation
  • Reduce business phone costs by over 20%.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility delivers immediate increase in productivity
  • Provided both large and small businesses with a single system
  • Reduces total cost of business phone system
  • Get Connected with all Existing & Potential Customers
  • 24*7 Connectivity with Contacts
  • Call Center Feature Capable
  • Real time Call Monitoring and Reporting
  • Virtual Office Features
  • Wireless LAN Mobiles Connectivity
  • Economic & Reliable Telephony Syste
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